Information for the new authors

Blog’s main objective is promoting the idea of compliance in Ukraine. Here, at Compliance Periscope, we provide our readers with regular thoughts and opinions on current trends and developments in corporate compliance area. In addition, we share other relevant information for those engaged in compliance-related activities, like information on professional events and job opportunities. Our audience is compliance professionals, lawyers, and anyone from business somehow engaged or merely interested in compliance subject.

If you have a topic of interest and are willing to contribute to Compliance Periscope, please consider our brief Editorial Guidelines below. We also welcome you to share with us your topic ideas before you begin writing to ensure that the post will fit blog’s concept and there are no duplicates.


Editorial Guidelines

  • Posts must be original, non-promotional, and written from a first-person point of view.

  • The language must be simple and clear. We write mainly for business and, thus, do not welcome legalese.

  • In our posts, we aim to share useful information that could benefit our readers and, thus, welcome posts with practical takeaways.

  • Where appropriate, posts may objectively promote Ukraine for investment attraction.

  • Appeals to readers, conversation tone, question marks that encourage comments, and real life examples are encouraged. Professional humor is acceptable.

  • Welcomed post length is 400-600 words. If expressing of your idea requires more space, consider splitting your post into parts.

  • Each post must have a catching image correlating with the topic. In addition, the post must be accompanied with brief information about the author.

  • In order to ensure conformity with blog concept, each post is reviewed by one or more editors before publishing.

  • After the third post, we welcome you as the constant editor of Compliance Periscope and publish your profile on our website.


Please consider reading a few posts to get better understanding of blog’s concept and requirements.


Why should you write for Compliance Periscope? We see at least three benefits from this activity for you:

  • Development: In the process of writing and editing posts, we exchange our valuable experience and become better professionals.

  • Recognition: Authorship in professional blog will contribute to your personal brand and recognition among colleagues, employers, or clients.

  • Promotion of compliance: In our posts, we aim promoting the idea of compliance and, thus, supporting positive image of Ukraine.


You can reach out on our Facebook page, fill the form here, or contact any of the editors directly.