II International Compliance Forum in Kyiv in September. Save 68% for Early Bird Registration

II International Compliance Forum in Kyiv in September. Save 200% for Early Bird Registration

Dear Reader,

From time to time we post interesting opportunities for our audience, which mainly include compliance professionals and lawyers interested in corporate compliance and ethics. These include jobs, recognizable events, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Here I want to share with you the information about Yuridicheskaya Practika’s II International Compliance Forum to be held in Kyiv on 20 September.

I attended quite a few events organized by Yuridicheskaya Practika and I could call them quite competitive even if compare with events organised abroad.

Why attending events of this kind is important?

(1) First, they allow you to escape from the daily routine, where it may be challenging to follow the new trends coming.

(2) Second, you get access to the knowledge that enables you to provide your clients either internal or external with the best advice on the market.

(3) Last, but not the least, you get a chance to build relationships in the industry and gain ideas on how to advance your career.

Check out the program of II International Compliance Forum and, I believe, you will agree that it is quite comprehensive and trendy. And better hurry up to benefit from the discounted early bird registration, as the price will rise 200% by the time of the event.

Look forward to meeting you at the event. And, in the meantime, subscribe using simple form in the top right corner to receive regular thoughts and opinions on current trends and developments in corporate compliance area.