Job: Compliance Manager in a Public Society

A foreign Public Society is announcing the vacant position of «Compliance Officer». The Public Society is a platform for active business-to-business dialogue. The purpose is to develop the capacity of business to act together by promoting an ethical and socially responsible business sector and shaping an environment, which incentivizes clean business practices through a sound legal and regulatory framework and voluntary measures.

Role Overview:
The organisation of activities and serves as the contact person for the Members, any other parties who wish as for the public at large, represents the interest and its Members before third parties. Develops and maintains effective liaison with key stakeholders in businesses, national, regional and local authorities, and helps to promote awareness of the activities across the business community.

Job Description:

  • Organisation and management of daily activities;
  • Preparation for consideration and approval by the relevant bodies , and, when approved by these, implementation of key rules and procedures;
  • Preparation and implementation of resolutions and other tasks approved by, and support to bodies;
  • Overall support of the application process for becoming a Member;
  • Leading the high-level dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders, including business associations, governmental authorities and NGOs;
  • Development and implementation of Operational Plan;
  • Liaising with the media to promote the Network’s activity and building a strong social media presence;
  • Preparation of the annual report regarding activities;
  • Preparation of the budget and regular reporting on its implementation;
  • Skills, Experience and Qualifications.


  • A Master’s degree in Law or its equivalent in the relevant area (Economics, Business Administration or Management);
  • Substantial degree of relevant professional experience in Business Integrity & Corporate Compliance;
  • Ability to lead or direct and coordinate the decision-making processes in public and private organisations;
  • Excellent liaison skills, established peer network and proven ability to communicate with stakeholders;
  • Excellent command of English, Ukrainian and Russian with ability to communicate and write clearly and concisely in these languages.

Please apply via email: