TRACE Anti-Corruption and Transparency Scholarship for an LL.M. Program in USA

For those of you planning to seriously dive into anti-corruption compliance, there is an opportunity to get a solid foundation for further career. University of Washington (Seattle) in USA, jurisdiction that is currently indisputable leader of compliance enforcement, offers LL.M. scholarship to young professionals from developing countries pursuing studies in the anti-corruption field.

If you are interested, you better hurry up as there are only 2 weeks left to apply. However, if you have strong desire (and some pre-requisites like completed language tests), you can easily make it.

The good thing is that the course is not only about anti-corruption compliance. You can also choose many other subjects from University’s schools: Business School, International Studies, School of Public Affairs, etc.

In case you cannot make up your mind and need more insider information, here is another good news. Last year’s scholar is my friend from Ukraine, who already paved the way and ready to give you any additional information you need. Just send me an email or leave your address in comments below and I will share his contact details.

If you are not really into compliance, please pass this information to your friends and colleagues. Still, I hope at least some of you will decide giving this great opportunity a try and, hopefully, will strengthen the Ukrainian compliance community soon.

Good luck!