3 Behaviours to Make Your Achievements and Success Stay after 2016

On the occasion of Orthodox Christmas, I would like to thank all of you who counteracted corruption in Ukraine during this difficult 2015. It is our shared efforts and commitments as a group of professional corporate soldiers who help their businesses to grow and flourish.

I wish you even better achievements and success in the upcoming 2016. Let your dreams in both personal and professional life come true.

While speaking of business achievements and success, let me also mention compliance as an important ingredient of sustainable success in any organization.

There are two important questions to consider: “what we achieve”, and “how we achieve”. The first, allows us to understand what are our and our organisations' successes and results. This question is indeed very important. However, there is another question, which is claimed to be equally important. “How we achieve” is not only about positive attitude at work, approaching with respect, building trust, applying organizational culture, soft skills, etc. This is also about compliance culture in us and our organizations.

Overloaded with projects and tasks, we may at times not see the value of compliance in everyday life. However, if we look strategically, compliance is very important in long-term perspective. Why? Because all the trust, results, goals and successes may one day mean nothing if they were achieved in an unethical and wrong way. Our organizations and all their leaders would like to achieve results in a way that builds trust internally and externally, so that nobody could ever come and question our successes. Otherwise, if one attempted to do so, he would fail.

So that our business leaders could spread compliance culture among their organizations in 2016, I propose trying the following 3 behaviors:

(1)   Mention importance of compliance to your peers. All practices may be subjected to audits and investigations; therefore, we have to do the rights things, aren’t we? Mentioning importance of compliance periodically is crucial not only to remember it, but also to practice setting the right tone.

(2)   Plan for compliance in daily tasks. I know that you are involved in all kinds of planning: marketing activities planning, budget planning, project planning, scorecards, day planning, etc. Consider planning for yourself and your teams 10-15% of additional time to do the tasks in compliant way, in line with all applicable policies, procedures and local laws. Let your teams know that this time perhaps may be used for checking the right policy once again or even consulting with legal and compliance folks once again. Such planning for compliance will reduce frustration and the number of urgencies.

(3)   Treat “how you achieve” as a quality of your achievement. Those who steal money also achieve results, but in an unethical and illegal way. Compliance, if you like, is the quality of your achievements and results. Do not compromise on quality, be creative to find other ways to overcome difficulties on your projects.

By doing these things openly you will be perceived as a person of ethics, a person who does the right thing and even a compliance champion. This behavior will cascade to your teammates and we will have compliance culture boosted.

Merry Christmas and happy and compliant New Year!


Pavlo is a regional Legal and Compliance Head with a global pharmaceutical company. He leads Legal and Compliance function in CIS & Romania as a part of Emerging Markets business region.

He got his LL.M. degree in International Business Law from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He also graduated from Ukrainian university with a Master degree in Commercial Law.