National Corruption Prevention Agency is Hiring

Earlier, I speculated what will be the path of the Ukrainian anti-corruption enforcement. Very soon, we will be able to witness this process and see the direction as National Corruption Prevention Agency (NCPA) has been finally established and is currently hiring the staff.

Without the doubt, NCPA will have one of the key roles in the Ukrainian anti-corruption organism (by the way, here and here are our another posts describing said mechanism in detail.) To handle the assigned tasks efficiently, the Agency will need a solid team. So in case you are willing to bring the experience gained in the private sector and to contribute to the anti-corruption fight in a more tangible way, now is the perfect time.

Here is the link with all the open positions and contact details (in Ukrainian only.) No detailed description of the positions or information on remuneration yet, but according to one of the NCPA officials, the approximate salaries will be as follows:

  • Chief specialist: UAH 16-18k;

  • Head of department: UAH 20-22k;

  • Director of department: UAH 30-33k.

Pretty decent I must say, especially considering the average monthly salary of around UAH 4,5k (source, in Ukrainian only,) and not too far from the private sector. Unlike to the prosecutor’s offices, where the authority failed to attract talent due to the unclear picture with the salaries, NCPA seems to be properly financed and hopefully will be able to get skilled personnel to help the Agency moving forward on the right path.

In our next post, we will focus on the NCPA’s priorities and anticipated steps that can influence compliance environment.