Job: Compliance Manager at Ukrzaliznytsia

Job: Compliance Manager

Employer: Ukrzaliznytsia (Укрзалізниця)


Specific experience of the candidate:
- University degree in relevant area of tudy (Masters, Specialist).
- The advantage is availability: Diploma MBA, certification compliance.
- Experience in international companies of Western and Eastern Europe as a lawyer in international (preferably).
- Experience negotiate at high level with customers, partners, government agencies and others.
- Recommendations.

Unique knowledge:
- International experience in advising public authorities and institutions on legal issues and the establishment of institutions to prevent and combat corruption;
- Experience in implementing international standards of internal control;
- Languages: Ukrainian - fluent. nglish, Polish, German would be an advantage.

The candidate is required to identify himself as an applicant for the position by filling out and submitting a list of documents in electronic form
- In the subject line should indicate "candidate for the compliance manager position"
- The package of documents:
  compulsory - the resume (in any form);
  optional - a little work (presentation of himself) on "My main professional achievements over the past 5 years";
  optional - a short, 5 slide presentation on "Why I'm the best applicant for the post of Compliance Manager";
  optional - a list of references (with contact details of persons able to confirm the effectiveness of the candidate);
  compulsory - a certificate of non-conviction;

Requirements to documents:
- CV must contain complete biographical information, reliable data on education (primary and secondary, including courses, internships), full of professional experience and positions occupied before the date of beginning work and dismissal, specify functional responsibilities and key achievements;
- work should be of no less than 3,000 characters;
- presentation - no more than 7 MB.


- Reform and qualitative transformation accountable organizational structure through the introduction of modern business processes and performance management tools that will meet the highest international standards.
- Identification and control risks pursuant Business Society;
- Introduction of international standards of internal control and anti-corruption programs in the Company;
- Implementation the decisions of the Board;
- Ensuring compliance of the Company with Ukrainian regulations, internal procedures, regulations and policies;
- Ensuring the protection of state secrets and information security;
- Assessment of corruption risks in all divisions of the Company, the introduction of anti-corruption monitoring system;
- Development of rules and regulations that will ensure transparency and reduce corruption risks
- Implementing compliance culture in all divisions of the Company;
- Warning of potential conflicts of interest among employees of the Company;
- Maintenance of the hot-line "Stop corruption" of the Company;
- Ensuring transparency and public awareness activities to prevent corruption offense;
- Improvement (within the powers defined by the law) system of declaration of assets, revenues, expenditures and financial commitments;
- Continued implementation of a transparent system of procurement in the Company;
- Building an effective team, to create conditions for productivity growth towards employees on the basis of transparent motivation, discipline and clear objectives.
- Fascilitationimprovement of professional training, culture, management and leadership levels.

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